Thursday, 18 October 2012

Commuication Technology Assignment

In this assignment I intend to learn and show the reader about communications technology both in my own personal life and also in business. I aim to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Communication technology in both personal and business.
There are a wide range of different types of communication technology that are used all over the world, at every stage of the day, for many different purposes. These allow people to easily and swiftly interact in their personal and professional lives.  These include several of the topics which I have chosen for this assignment.  The topics I will explore in this assignment are Ipads, Social networking and also mobile phones.

IPads, in my opinion, are very important in everyday life for both everyday life and for businesses.  IPads are portable and convenient tablets that are widely used all over the world, for an endless variety of uses.  They support all types of jobs such as gaming and design alongside many more.  Personally i believe that one of their greatest breakthroughs is the IPads ability to help and improve daily life for individuals with Autism, the IPad has even been referred to as a "Miracle Device" for Autism on Fox News in the U.S.A. (John Brandon, Fox News, 2011).
Advantages of Ipads (Personal)
The success of the Ipad is largely due to the fact they are multi-functional devices that can cater for all different types of needs. As the owner of an Ipad I find personally that a great part of the Ipad world is the wide range of applications and games available at a fingertips touch.
Advantages of Ipads(Personal)
One of the main advantages of the Ipad is that  the device is slim line and portable , which leaves them convenient to use on the go which it a great advantage to individuals on the go as it allows people keep in touch at all times, with such an excellent battery life an simplicity to use this is a must buy for everyday people but also students the way  technology is evolving schools in the future will be less books an all tablets ,for example the Summit View Elementary School in Independence, Kentucky, watched how a single 4th Grade student used an IPad during her lessons which led to the school being awarded $30,000 worth of computing devices in late 2010, from the Duke of Energy Corporation. These devices are intended to be used for Maths and Science Assignments, (Amanda Davidson/The Cincinnati Enquire/AP). Clearly it was observed how beneficial the role of the tablet and IPad can be in the world of personal education, resulting in these technological advances.
Disadvantages of IPads (Personal)
IPads have gained so much excellent press an also reviews but with everything there is also down sides and disadvantages, One disadvantage is that IPads don’t have a physical keyboard which a laptop does also the typing you can do on an IPad is very slow. PC World stated that IPads are adequate for short text but slower that a laptop for emails and blogs. (EHow Tech Disadvantages of IPads). Software selection is another major disadvantage as IPads cannot run software written for Microsoft or also Mac, even though you can download the software from Apple store but these applications must be approved by apple.
Disadvantage of Ipads (Personal)
 In my own personal opinion a major disadvantage of Ipads, is the cost. For individuals who do not use the technology they are considered to be expensive compared to laptops they consist of great features however laptops can be more productive for school work such as assignments and tend to be slightly less expensive for the range of service and potential services they may provide.
Advantages of IPads (Business)
IPads are extremely popular in business as they allow individuals to get work done outside the office, regardless of where they me be.  This opens many potential benefits as they have the opportunity to get more work done. Business individuals tend to be travel quite frequently so this allows them to keep up to date with their work while away from the office.  Further advantages of technology are that IPads can be used to transfer money via the internet allowing their clients and customers to be present while the transaction takes place (Chron.Com).
 Advantages of Ipads (Business)
Ipads are also extremely important in areas such as advertising and customers with up to date.  They can also use Facebook and other social networking. This can prove very helpful as it can be updated at any given time with a touch of a screen and also a huge benefit is people can comment which is a great way to gather customer feedback, allowing you to develop your business further and bring what the public want in their specific area.
Disadvantages of Ipads (Business)
The main disadvantage of the Ipad for the business industry is that it relies so heavily on wifi networks and internet access in general. As the Ipad cannot reach an internet connection via the use of a credit system, such as that of a mobile phone, it is lost and unable to communicate until an area of internet coverage is regained. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the near future with the growing popularity of “Wi-Fi Hubs” and “Hotspots” in the general community.
Disadvantages of Ipads (Business)
A Further disadvantage for the world of business is the lack of entries for new information and formats, for example there are no USB ports or abilities to save or create new documents. Essentially it suits communication however it fails to allow new files to be drawn up without the information being uploaded into the iTunes system; tasks such as these remain the responsibility of the Personal Computer, (Pub Articles, 2012).

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are a hugely popular in today’s society in both personal and business aspects of life. They allow people to keep in contact with each other from all ends of the world. Traditionally mobile phones were used for simply ringing and text messaging however in recent years new technology has reformed the idea of the mobile phone which now allows people to use the internet, take photographs, download applications, video calls and control the phone vocally.
Advantages of Mobile phones (Personal)
Mobile phones have many advantages; they are portable and can be carried with you wherever you may be which allows you to answer important calls or text messages and gives everyone the opportunity to have a lifeline to contact help if an emergency situation arises. Mobile phones have many lots of options such as texting, picture messing, playing games and the internet and as time moves on many more services are being combined into the traditional mobile phone turning them into “Smart Phones”. 
Advantages of Mobile Phones (Personal)
Mobile phones also are extremely helpful for the Internet which means with a touch of a button wherever you are you can search the Web for information, social networking or even online banking. This gives a person unlimited information on any topic such as Wikipedia, Youtube, directions to a new place while also providing the opportunity to check your E mail on the go which allows people communicate an also send information's to friends and colleagues. In my personal life I see the internet as extremely important and one of the main advantages of mobile phones as it allows people to communicate and keep in touch wherever they may be in the world. These have got such applications like video calling and connection to services such as Skype  which is hugely beneficial  for family's who can communicate with family members an also friends who have emigrated to further climates in search of work and new prospects. Smartphones mean they can keep in connect wherever and without the need of a laptop.
Disadvantages of Mobile Phones (Personal)
 A major issue on the rise in recent years is the effect that mobile phones and text messaging in particular are having on the teenagers and pre-teens of the Western World. These young adults are losing their basic English and language skills as they are cutting corners in text messages, as today’s teenagers are so heavily reliant on their mobile phones they are continuously using poor grammar which is in turn effecting their language skills in their education.
Canada’s Ontario's Waterloo University is one of the few post-secondary institutions which have asked its new students to pass an exam testing their English language skills. Horrifying results are showing that shockingly almost a third of those students are failing. These students are relying on emoticons, shortened words, such as 'cuz,' are just some of the issues being reported from the professors and administrators at Simon Fraser, (Susanna Kelley, The Globe and Mail, 2012).
Disadvantages of Mobile Phones (Personal)
Further disadvantages of mobile phones in personal lives include the major effects they have on personal health. Research shows that there are several major health risks for all ages. Research from Dr Agarual PHD state that results of the electronic waves can include fatigue, causing sleep disturbances and effecting concentration all of which can result in issues in rising in school and work life, ( Research also suggests that mobile phone radiation can be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and act as a carcinogen. These studies were carried out on rats that were exposed to the same radiation omitted by mobile phones. Within 50 days an outstanding amount of brain cells were reported to have died in this time period, (
Advantages of Mobile phones (Business)
Mobile Phones are an essential part of the business world in many different ways, beginning in areas of marketing and advertising. Here the business can develop a strategy to advertise and market their product and communicate to potential customers by phone call or text message, providing them with all the essential details using their latest advertising strategies. Also this gives the business to receive valuable customer feedback instantaneously helping the business create opportunities to grow and develop further.

Advantages of Mobile Phones (Business)
A major advantage of mobile phones in business is One Net Express this combines areas of your office phone with the flexibility of your mobile in cloud based phone system.  This allows business people to answer landline calls on their mobiles which means you miss nothing .It also will divert a call to another employee if you are unable to answer. If your receptionist receives a call for another member of staff instantly with no added cost meaning you can be more available to your customers(One Net Vodafone ) “ One Net express ensures that no call goes unanswered day or night .  Between that and cost savings we could not have asked for more “ (Aiden Mc devitt).  A major factor is that this so easy to set up and the service team will do the setting up for you for free which is a huge plus and also assign you with a projector coordinator to manage the process for you .
Disadvantages of Mobile phones (Business)
A disadvantage of mobile phones in business is being over ally available anywhere in the country which will leave you receiving calls which are a waste of time an your easily more accessible and then you could be contacted more often outside business and working hours which will leave you with calls that are no use an could hinder vital calls you need for important calls you need to receive which could be more valuable to the company.

Disadvantages of mobile phones (Business)
A major issue which can cause disadvantages for businesses is the misuse of mobile phones on company bills. This can lead to a huge bill for the company and may not always be detected. It is incredibly simple to have the company’s mobile phone service abused by employees who use them for personal reasons rather than for business purposes. This can land the business with an expensive bill to foot at the end of each month which can cause unnecessary debts and costs for the company.

Legislation Surrounding Communication Technology
 There are several legal  considerations in the world of Communication Technology which require authorities in this area to ensure certain standards are met

In this assignment I was trying to show the reader the different types of Communication Technology in everyday life an also in Business and how they differ.    The assignment was laid out as researched advantages and disadvantages in personal and also business in communication technology.  I was glad I chose my two topics as they were interesting to research and enjoyed learning new things. I think there is a mix of advantages and disadvantages in both personal and business but it means that there is areas that are good but that there is things that could worked on for the future to help people communicate safely an also more cost effective. As I reflect I felt that the area of Health Legislation was quite difficult as it was my first time that I had covered this topic so researching an understanding the information was tricky.  Overall I was pleased how the assignment went and time keeping off staying on top of the work an researching.